Neal and Chuck Rosenblum

Neal and Chuck Rosenblum at the Neal Rosenblum Goldsmiths Gallery


The year was 1970. One day I found myself with an old hammer and a metal coat hanger in my hands. When  I started pounding that wire on a large, flat rock behind the student apartment where I was living, there was something primal and captivating about the experience, striking a cord in me similar to what I imagine metalsmiths throughout time may have felt as they created the pieces we now see in museums. From that point on, I began collecting tools and technical information, honing my craft as well as my aesthetic sensibilities. A life-long passion for making things with my hands was born.

I moved from producing small editions of jewelry designs, selling them at craft shows and galleries around the country, to establishing a public studio space in 1980, changing my focus to concentrate on one-of-a-kind and custom-made jewelry. Since that first encounter with metal, I have approached each new project as a challenge of discovery — the blending of the highest quality materials and design with the human element. Transforming gold, silver or platinum into beautiful and meaningful personal artifacts still inspires me today.


In 1980 I was about to begin a career in public health as a researcher for OSHA, the federal agency charged with overseeing the health and safety of workers. I had trained as an intern with the agency during college, but following graduation I took what I thought was a temporary detour during a year of transition and started working part time in my brother Neal’s studio. While selling jewelry and managing the business, I became fascinated by gemstones, particularly diamonds, and began to develop the knowledge, skills and eye for evaluating fine gems.

A few years down the road, Neal and I became partners. Today, in addition to managing the business and selecting designer jewelry collections for our gallery, I specialize in working with clients to find them the quality gemstone that meets their needs, as well as helping to guide them through the design process.

Nancy Rosenberg

Nancy Rosenberg


Our Graduate Gemologist, Nancy Rosenberg, has been with us since 2003. Nancy graduated from the Gemological Institute of America Resident Gemology Program in Santa Monica, CA in 1982. Since that time she has been employed by, or consulted for, other leading jewelers in the area. Nancy has over 30 years of experience in jewelry retail and gemology.