There are many factors to consider when purchasing a quality diamond, price being but one of them. We take the time to educate our clients in the 4 Cs of selecting a fine diamond – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – in order to best assist you in finding a diamond to meet your needs and expectations. Our specialty is procuring excellent and ideal cut diamonds, and our experience and knowledge give us the resources to find the right stone for each client. We also adhere to the principle of conflict-free sourcing, and are able to obtain diamonds mined in Canada, which are guaranteed conflict-free. We pride ourselves on offering maximum value pricing.

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The 4 Cs of a quality diamond


Cut refers to the arrangements of a diamond’s facets. It determines the optimum combination of brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation —  catching light and sending it dancing to the eye.

Diamond color chart
When least is best. Diamonds come in a range of colors – generally, the less color in a diamond, the greater its rarity and value. A diamond may not give the appearance of color to the naked eye, yet still have some trace present. Specialty colored diamonds, known as ‘fancies’, are found in a wide color range and possess their own beauty and allure. Fancy diamonds are graded according to their own color intensity system.

Diamond Color Chart


Clarity is the degree to which tiny natural marks called inclusions are present in a diamond. Inclusions range in size and may be imperceptible unless viewed under magnification.


The standard measurement for diamond size. Bigger is not always better when it comes to measuring the quality of a diamond – cut, color and clarity all play an integral part in determining the value of a stone.